The Night Club Two-Step was developed in 1965 by a 15-year-old teen from Whitaker, Illinois, named Buddy Schwimmer who was looking for a dance to do to medium- and slow-tempo songs.  There are now two distinct “basic” steps:  The original footwork was a rocking step (Rock, Replace, Side) and the second footwork is a crossing step (Side, Cross Front, Side).  Both use the same timing of quick-quick-slow.  The feel and look of the rocking basic is a bit choppy, rather compact, and stays generally in place while the feel and look of the crossing basic is very smooth, sweeping, and glides from side to side.


  • Night Club Two-Step is a very versatile dance in that it can be danced on small night club floors or big, expansive ballrooms.
  • Night Club Two-Step is great for medium and slow music, i.e., love ballads.
  • Night Club Two-Step has a relaxed, casual, natural feeling.
  • It is a fairly easy dance to do and fun for beginner and advanced alike.