Welcome to Step by Step School of Ballroom Dance

Have you ever watched couples dance at a wedding or social event and wished you, too, could dance with such ease?
At Step by Step School of Ballroom Dance, you can! It’s easy and fun!


Each ballroom dance style is taught over a one-month period (4 to 5 one-hour lessons).

Ballroom Dance classes begin with a basic step specific to each dance style and gradually advance to more intricate figures and patterns.

Students learn the basic elements of partner dancing (posture, frame, leading, following, footwork, timing, style characteristics) as well as learn tips to enhance execution of the various steps.

Both group ballroom dance lessons and private ballroom dance lessons are available. While group ballroom dance lessons promote camaraderie among students and an opportunity to dance with others, private ballroom dance lessons provide personalized attention and instruction.

Step by Step School of Ballroom Dance
Shasta County Arts Council (Old City Hall) 1313 Market St, Redding, CA
(530) 244-0663
Kathy Babcock, Certified Instructor